There is no world

The world / the universe / life as we experience it as a human is a game.
Its nothing more than a story and you made it up in your mind.
Let me tell you how I got this idea as it is closely related to my joyous experiences with games. 


I was 16 years old when my parents bought a television to watch some movies at christmas and after some lucky coincidences they bought a playstation as well.
From the moment I was able to run around in Lara Croft’s manor (Tomb Raider 3) I was mesmerized with the ability to easily travel to parallel universes and distant worlds. To be able to safely experience so many stories I dreamed about when I was little (and even now) felt like heaven.
Even though I knew it was only a game it felt real as well. There were occasions I was really afraid to play or even watch the screen. My neighbour loved to play horror games but had a hard time solving puzzles and riddles. That’s when I came in (we had no internet back then and yes, it’s that long ago : ) but as soon as the puzzles were solved I gave him back the controller because I couldn’t handle the tension.Silent-Hill-Origins-Spaetestens-Im-Krankenhaus-von-Silent-Hill-begreift-der-480x272-c2fbb3d7f453f1a2When I turned on the playstation and loaded a game, it almost felt like I became the game. I looked through the eyes of the hero, made a map in my mind of the surroundings while the sounds of the environment painted even more details around me. It fooled my senses. With some games I almost had the feeling I was really there and the story, the reason to move forward made the gameworld completely logic, even with all its shortcomings and unrealistic settings.
Soon I started to realize you can’t have a great story without great evil. With games like Metal Gear Solid I felt like a sponge sucking up every tiny bit of information like water. I had the feeling there was truth about succes in life to be found if I just paid undivided attention. There was this drama, this great misery about war and threats as big as nuclear weapons. Inside this insane story there was a sparkle of hope, a blooming love story and the feeling you could do something to make things right. I loved that. But it could not have been told without the giant evil setting.Metal_Gear_Gray_Fox_by_WestbrionageAt first I felt like I had an aversion for all the bad that happened in there but after a while I knew the bad was inseparably connected to the good.  I started to see it in every story. Bad is just an necessary ingredient to tell a story. Without duality there is no story. This is what made me forgive every bad guy in videogames, movies and novels. I started to see they were not real. This seems stupid now that I tell it like this but there really were times I was mad at, or in love with a certain character in a fiction story.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Fiction-stories lost a bit of their magic. The drama didn’t affect me as much as it used to. At first I felt scared to lose my interest in certain things (and I did) but I’m glad because it feels bad to be consumed by the flames of a fiction. It’s only fun if it’s not serious.

As of 2016 we entered the age of virtual reality, project morpheus, oculus rift, … Games (or should I say stories?) always have the ambition to make you believe you are somebody you are not. With those headsets the senses get fooled even more but is that even possible when I fool myself every single moment with my senses?
I was getting very interested in spirituality. I did the course of miracles for about 3 years now and it made me realize even more that life is a story I create in my mind. I give meaning to anything I see around me. I search for reasons to project my judgements on and by this I blame others which makes me feel even more scared of the world I live in. It motivates me to defend my property. I believe the outside world, the others must be how I see myself, so they want what I have and there is never enough. So I attack to defend and I believe I am right. With this idea I make the illusion real. And the fun is gone. Shadow. Just like in a game. The hero in a game is not supposed to know it’s just a game (unless you’re deadpool) and you are not supposed to know your life is just a story. deadpool-43-cover-129584Untill you start to notice you always see wath you believe. Paying attention to your thoughts and not your surroundings is a vital step in seeing the game from within the game. There is one question you can ask yourself to see if you’re still asleep. And that question is: ‘Am I afraid?’  If you have just a tiny little bit of fear at the time, you’re just as lost in the illusion as when you have tons of fears. There is no middle way. It’s either all or nothing. If you have absolutely no fear left then you are free!

Images only look real in my mind when I fear. I literally scare myself and the reason for that lies in the fact that I don’t know who I am. Careful observation and little hints on my path led me to believe the universe is the mastergame. The ultimate game. The game in which you make things real when you fear it. In the end there is no difference between a game, a movie, a novel, a life story, a picture, an experience or the world. It is a story. Stories are not real. You play a role. Remember you are not the role you play. That role has changed a million times already but you are still who you are.
It’s never ‘game over’ as you should know by now cause you are still here despite all the crazy stories you believed in already.neverbegameoverNever be game over. You can’t, but you can truly believe you can. Anything that can be game over is not real and not worth of your worries because it’s not who you are. It’s just a story. You are not supposed to know it, but there is no world.

Forgive, have a good time, forget. You are forever. In that order ; )

Bless you brother.


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