Do not believe your eyes

‘You can’t see truth with your eyes.’

When I look at the world I have a certain perspective. There are always things I can not see at that time. Off course I can change my perspective and then I think I know more about it. But in fact I know nothing more. My idea changed but it’s still incomplete. It’s still just a perspective, a story and I keep changing it. That is sufficient to know that I can never know what things really are with my senses and I should stop trying it because it is impossible.

Judging is impossible.

Yes, I do judge. Only walking around is judging. There is a car coming, I gotta watch out, stay on the right side. Damn man, why so fast? He’s gonna run over somebody at that speed someday, shouldn’t he take a bike, that would be healthier for everybody. It is spring and I start to feel the power of the sun. Aah I love the sun on my skin. Makes me look good, gonna have to workout again anytime soon, so that I look good this summer. Today is Tuesday, I have to take the dog for a run but I don’t want to, I feel tired. Must be from working today, how much longer am I gonna do this job? It rains, good for the water supplies and the waterlevels, why do we still use drinking water to flush the toilets around here? Hello lady, nice seeing you here, you look good. Good day to you sir, you know me? I am the guy who always says hello, I am so polite.

Judgements are constantly apparent in my mind. Always changing. They are necessary to play the game but that’s what it is, a game. Not the truth. I use my senses to create this image of the world in my mind. And I believe it is real but it is not. It’s a story.

If what I believed was real, if that world was real, life would be cruel, fear would be normal, defense would be logical, anger would be justified, guilt would be my legacy, blaming would be truth, fighting would be necessary to survive and forgiveness would be a joke. That’s the world we live in if you trust your eyes.

‘To become free you have to willingly look past everything you think you see.’

Only by realising the world does not exists as I see it, I can relax and take step back and let myself be guided, not by my own judgements and fear but by trust and forgiveness. Knowing that the pics on my screen are just that, I can live freely. You don’t need anything but to trust. You see what happened here? The story of fear, anger and guilt was replaced with a story of love, peace and innocence.

It is also a story. But this story of innocence is the only one that brings peace. At last.

Thank you my brother for helping me realise this is the only real choice I have.

I love you.


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