Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 – Beachbody ready?

I’m a big fan of the Dead or Alive series and just recently bought the Asian edition of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. It was not released in the west because of the potential criticism. Analysing the motives of others is unhealthy so I won’t take a stand here. But there are many people who doubt that is the true reason.

Anyway, I ordered the Venus Special Edition and it came with some goodies.
It contains:

-PS Vita game Venus Edition
-Card Deck with 4 girls: Kokoro, Kasumi, Nyotengu and Honoka.
-Art book with some pictures of all 9 girls: Honoka, Marie-Rose, Kasumi, Momiji, Ayane, Kokoro, Hitomi, Helena and Nyotengu.
-3-D Honoka Mousepad. *side note: big support!

Check it out ^^


Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is the perfect chill-out game. Beach volleybal is fun to play and the girls are looking good. Very unrealistic as my friendly girlfriend says but I don’t know what realistic is anyway, so that should not be a problem. ^^

There are 9 girls who you can take on a vacation to Zack’s island and you can make money by doing activities. Making money with the girl is pretty easy but as you progress you’ll notice the only way to unlock certain clothes is buying them as the owner. There is always a challenge appearing and by doing that challenge you can make money as owner of the island (Zack had some business to do and asked you to take care of the island – and the girls).
Making money as the owner is not so easy as with the girls and everything costs a LOT of money. If you want to please the girls (that’s the main objective in the game) you have to buy a LOT of gifts. The gifts can go from bikini’s to food to dangerous tickets. Depending on her satisfaction and how much she likes the gift, the girl can refuse to take it. If she does that, you have to repack the gift and that will cost, you know it: more money.


One way to earn money is to do challenges as mentioned before but you can also go to the casino to win (or lose) BIG. You can easily win some money by playing poker and bluff your way to victory. It works most of the time but still, there is a chance you’ll end up playing poker for more than an hour before you finally have enough to buy what you want. However there is another way. It involves backing up your savegame to your psplus folder online. (I strongly suggest you do this anyway. I heard some people who lost hours of progress because their save became corrupt after quitting without saving)

Make sure you have about 200K in your wallet as owner. Back it up online. Go to roulette and choose 100. Once you are able to bet, keep holding the bet button and just completely fill up numbers 1 till 12. Now you have a chance off 1/3 you will win from 600 to 800 K, depending on how well you filled everything up. If the number is one you have covered, you are rich. If not, load the backup save from your ps plus folder and try again. : )


I suggest to play this game very casual, in short sessions and enjoy it over a long period of time as there is a lot of grinding necessary to get everything out of it. This is a good thing for me, cause when I complete a game and got all trophies I usually don’t play it again. The Vita is perfect for short sessions, cause you can just put it in sleep mode and turn it back on in a second. I still haven’t received the ps4 version of the game so I only played on my Vita.

Once I have some pictures from the fortune edition (ps4) I’ll maybe make a new post about it, along with some new info regarding gameplay cause there are quite a few minigames to play.

This is Kokoro winning from Ayane in butt battle on the Venus edition.

vita doa x3

If you want to play this game, Play-Asia is the place to order it as a physical copy. This game is only available in Asia so don’t go knocking on the door of your local gameshop. : )
DOA Xtreme 3 VENUS Edition PS Vita (multi-language)
DOA Xtreme 3 FORTUNE Edition PS4 (multi-language)

You can also buy it online from the Asian Playstation store. For that you will have to own an Asian Playstation Network account. You can create one very easily from your ps4 home menu. Just choose ‘new player’ and when it gives you the choice to connect with psn, choose create a new psn account. Use this info to complete it:
Street Address 1: “1 Harbour Rd”
District: “Hong Kong”
City: “Wan Chai”
Country Region: “Hong Kong”

You’re welcome. Maybe you’ll play Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune edition even faster than me. That being said, if you do that, you won’t have the wrist support I have right now. It comes with the Special Edition ; )

Life is a game.

Let’s play it that way.


hitmoi peace

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