Broken age

Recently I was looking for a PS Vita second generation and had a hard time finding one. Sure, the shops sell those lego packs (ps vita second gen with 8Gb memorycard and 5 downloadable lego games) but I didn’t want to pay for lego games.
The adventure pack was what I really wanted but it was sold out everywhere so I started looking on this second hand site, (link at the bottom). Great site for people who live in Belgium! They have a handy iPhone/Android app btw and if you have some patience, good offers come your way!
Anyway, I found a guy who wanted to sell his ps vita adventure pack for 110€. He said it was in a good condition and it is!

I found out the guy I bought it from was gay (checked his facebook page ^^) When I told this to Kelly she said: ‘Safe. Those guys take care of their stuff.’ 😏 haha. So I now have a PS Vita and booooy! So much fun! It depends on the games you play with it off course, but the vita itself is a really nice piece of hardware.  Big beautiful screen, buttons at all the right places, very responsive, good battery life, feels comfortable in your hands even when you lay in bed, on your back, on your side, on your stomach, you get the picture. I could go on, but I won’t. Not right now at least.

So I thought I would be able to play the adventure pack games (uncharted, tearaway, gravity rush ^^) but that was not the case. If you use a code once with a certain account, that code won’t work with another account. I can see the logic in that but I didn’t anticipate it. The bro I bought the Vita from said the games were all on the memory card too but I had to format it in order to work with it with my own account. So yeah… No adventure pack games for me. My mom told me it was a rip off. She’s the tough one around here. Actually no, now that I think about it, everybody is a tough one around here but under that attitude they are all softies.

So I started browsing my PSplus library and miracle miracle! I had one ps4 game I didn’t played yet, that works on the Vita too. For free!

Broken Age.

What a game! I love it in combination with the vita. I have the feeling the title of that game relates to my age too. I’m age broken. If you compare with regular standards around here that is. Considering I am now 32 years, still live with my lovely parents and beautiful brothers (and have a great time!) love to play with my playstation, fly around on my bike or skates, play outside, don’t like plans and agenda’s, work part-time because I need time to chill/play while making the best of things I feel I have to do. Maybe that’s just what everybody does? Maybe everybody is ‘age broken’ but just pretending they are not?

But Broken age is a marvellous game. It’s kinda like a puzzle game where Shay and Vela get stuck in a world where they don’t belong and they both try to get back home. Wherever that is. Meanwhile you have to find solutions and solve riddles by figuring out where all things you collect are for. And this leads to really funny moments.

I can only say its a hard game if you play it without a guide. When I finaly solve a riddle after running around for a long time, I feel really smart. Haha, and you really have to use your brains at times.  Haven’t had this with a game in quite some time now that I think about it.

But I think many people won’t play it till the end because at some points in the game you really have to keep at it to advance.

I love it.


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